Penn & Teller’s Magic Lab is an incredible VR magic experience that far exceeds a traditional magic set. This kit teaches the art of magic, history and cultural difference of magic around the world, but most impressively teaches life skills. From commanding a stage to mastering the finesse of reading a room, this kit is a masterclass in developing essential life skills through magic.

The VR experience is enamoring for kids and budding magicians. Download the app and insert your smartphone on the VR goggles (included) and presto-chango — you’re on stage in Las Vegas with Penn and Teller themselves. The best in the biz! They walk you through a bit of the history of magic and take you through step by step instructions on how to do each of the 28 tricks. All of the props needed are included in the set along with a 50-page book with written and visual instructions — and of course, a magic wand.

Magic isn’t just about tricks; it’s about storytelling. The Penn & Teller Magic Lab guides young magicians through the art of crafting a compelling narrative. Every magic trick becomes a tale, with a beginning, middle, and end. Through this process, children learn the importance of coherence, sequencing, and attention to detail. These storytelling skills are transferable to numerous aspects of life, from writing assignments to professional presentations.

Penn & Teller encourage confidence to deliver confident speeches to an audience. This hones magic skills but also nurtures the ability to speak clearly, project their voice, and maintain eye contact – crucial skills for effective communication in any sphere of life. Magicians excel at reading their audience, gauging reactions, and adjusting their performance accordingly. The Penn & Teller Magic Lab trains children to observe body language, facial expressions, and audience engagement. Magicians must develop a keen sense of social awareness and empathy.

And if things don’t always go as planned, failure is just another step towards mastery. Young magicians are taught the art of graceful recovery. This resilience in a moment of failure is also a life skill. It teaches children that setbacks are opportunities to learn and grow, fostering a growth mindset that will serve them well throughout their lives.

The Penn & Teller Magic Lab is an entire magic experience. Kids learn the art of illusion while also discovering the power of confidence, resilience, storytelling, and empathy. They’re practicing tricks and life skills that will empower them throughout stages of life with grace and charisma. Prepare to be amazed, not just by the magic, but by the life skills it unveils.

Available at Abacus Brands and Amazon