imgresPut your thinking caps on as you enter the world of Disney in this visual trivia game spanning movies, theme parks, animated classics and TV shows. A mobile extension of Wonder Forge’s highly popular Pictopia board game, this free app leaves kids asking for more. Play solo or against up to 4 players, as you answer questions based on 4 pictures depicting a scene, character, or partial image from a Disney adventure. “Which TWO of these Muppets have had crushes on Miss Piggy?” Or “Which TWO of these structures appear in movies that include four-legged animal sidekicks?” Earn extra points by matching the answer that most fans gave to a question such as, ” Which one of these characters do the majority of fans think is the most creative? “or wagering your points on an extra challenging question. There are so many levels of cognitive and language learning, as players exercise memory and critical thinking skills, using deductive reasoning to come up with the group of items or characters with a fact or two in common. Where in the story do I search for that fact? What is associated with a question about an event, relative, costume or objects?  You have to be visually astute to recognize the image presented and match it to the correct Disney destination. The good news is you gain Disney trivia knowledge for further rounds as you are given the name of the picture, Disney connection and right answer after answering. Parents and kids can have a lot of fun playing as a single player together, debating the right answer, pooling their Disney expertise from different generations. I found that kids enjoyed playing as one, much like the collaborative board game, increasing the language quotient as everyone weighed in on answers! Give your kids the gift of the free app and get started!