cb814f6646368a9340b7ed30aa1a9ed7_GenericKids let out a big “Wow!” when they saw the Pinypon Aquapark Adventure. Role play started immediately as my little friend wanted to change bathing suits on her doll, add a watermelon purse and set up the snack bar with sodas and lemonade. Tiny accessories to launch and branch the story are fascinating to kids from twirly straws to french fries and sodas. Holes to attach props on the dolls’ hands and hair provide lots of flexibility and personalization by the child. Water adds such a fun dimension to any toy and our little friends couldn’t wait to fill the swivel bucket at the top of the slide and send their doll down the chute. All the Pinypon dolls are compatible with the set so we added a few and their pets so we could take a ride around the lazy river in their inner tubes, propelled by turning the snack umbrella. Again, a small hole in the dolls’ feet attaches them securely for a safe ride. Step into the Jacuzzi and press the button to get the bubbles going. After drying off the doll with her mini towel, our friend set off for the changing room, “I’m not letting anyone see,” as she closed the door for privacy. After a swim, snack and change of clothes, our leader of play took the story on to inviting friends for a pool party. With so many changeable props, and mini scenarios for action, this set is a great toy to encourage language growth and story telling to prepare kids for later reading and writing.

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