Little girls loved Pony Race Lottie, sporting the perfect clothes for her riding competition–boots, riding pants, helmet, vest and a shirt with a patch ready to attach her horse decal! This 7″ pal is a perfect size for play and packing for little trips when a friend is needed to come along. Plenty spunky and cute, Lottie is designed for play promoting a healthy self-image for young girls as her body is based on dimensions by leading British academics. Standing alone, this doll afforded lots of pretend play but three Play sets provide wholesome play ¬†along the themes of Biscuit the dog, ponies and picnics. Flexible with movable joints, Lottie in the hands of our testers sat at a picnic, cared for her dog and even hosted a tea party using the trophy for the tea pot! Accessory sets expand the play with dog beds, cupcakes and picnic baskets. Pretend play builds language as little girls become the author of their story, practicing conversation and changing the theme as they take Lottie through her day!

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