Who wants to pretend they are a kitty with this cool counting cat purse? This purse says its owner has a big personality with the cute face on the front topped with an interactive learning tiara. We know how much fun little ones have filling and emptying containers so LeapFrog has brought us the perfect purse to fill that sits up propped open for dropping in a lady cat’s essentials–counting keys, pretend phone, zippered coin purse shaker, cat comb and her ID with a mirror.The three modes–Learn, Pretend and Music–provide a variety of learning. Slide to Learn mode and push the number buttons 1-5 to count three keys on the chain, or five coins in the purse, call out colors on the red comb or the green tags or name shapes with the rectangle phone. The Pretend mode gives prompts to get a child’s imagination going while continuing to teach fundamental preschool concepts, “Do you want to comb my hair?” “(ringing) Where is the phone?” or “What could we buy?” The Music mode starts up meow-sic time with three unique musical activities encouraging listening skills. Kids also get a sensory experience with the varied textures of fabric and fine motor practice taking contents in and out of the purse. This cat knows how to teach language skills through play!

Available at Walmart