Buggaloop_SmallHEXBUG’s buzz and erratic vibrating moves drew giggles and conversation as kids watched it scurry through the yard, weaving between players’ bugs and knocking some off their play space. Get ready to take some quick turns when the HEXBUG leaves the yard, crawling upside down through the 3D drain pipes when  play stops until he returns to the yard to reek havoc. I was pleasantly surprised at all the chat that ensued as kids talked to the bug and narrated the action, “Oh gosh, he’s so nice. He just moved me there. Thank you.” “Oh Daddy, you’re in good luck!” The unpredictable HEXBUG can bump the players’ bugs out of position or tap them back into their circle to stay on the path to safety. There’s an energy generated as kids intensely watch the game board change with players bumped in and out of position and turns can only be taken in the few seconds of freedom from the bug when he’s crawling through the tunnels. The combination of fast strategic action, slow paced attention to the HEXBUG’s influence on the board and delightful conversation make Buggaloop a favorite with the kids, tapping learning skills.

Available at Ravensburger: Click here