You know this game’s a winner when the teacher (me) learns too! I opened the beautifully illustrated game board of a town and started reading the instructions when I was asked whether metal and glass or metal and plastic are collected together for recycling in our town. Let me check… Part of the game prep is to attach a colored sticker to each recycling area of the board that corresponds to the color used where I live. Now you have me participating in the fun of recycling, moving my truck across town from the”Breakdown Mechanic’ building to “Glutton’s Market,” or “Seafood Pizza,”  collecting associated items, car batteries, yogurt containers, or tuna fish cans. Each object has a point value related to the ecological value of materials recycled so if you successfully land on the building, retrieve the object and deposit it in the correct collection site–paper, metal, plastic, glass, special waste or bulky items, you score those points. “Recycle Rally” is a game of critical thinking, strategy and learning that begins with the set up and continues through play! It didn’t take long for players to head for high value objects and the appropriate recycling area on the outskirts of town. Since each truck can only carry two items at a time, players are strategic in plotting their path to maximize points earned. The game play is cleverly divided into three weeks, after which there is a final tally of points earned through smart recycling and a show of remorse as remaining objects are sent to the incinerator, which “lets off poisonous gases” as my young friend added. A sorting chart is included that lists the objects, recovery value, toxicity, CO2 omissions, volume and refuse category, providing further knowledge in becoming responsible stewards of our environment. This game would be great fun for the family as well as an essential addition to the classroom, building awareness related to caring for our planet.

Available at Adventerra Games. Click here.