Kids learn to be Earth savers and global citizens with hand2mind’s new Recycling and Conservation Pattern Block Puzzle Set. These tangram-style puzzles combine the practice of developing spatial awareness, problem solving, and flexible thinking while introducing children to eco-friendly behaviors.

The puzzle set includes 10-double sided activity cards showcasing different ways to help Mother Earth. Whether it’s planting a tree, recycling, composting, or conserving water, each activity card sends an important message. This became a good conversation starter on how to protect the Earth and minimize waste by reducing, reusing and recycling.

Furthermore, the puzzle set kept kids engaged while using different shapes to complete each activity card. Cards were of varying difficulty, so it was captivating to both the younger and older kids bringing on a “just-right” challenge. The included Activity Guide also provided ideas to enhance play, based on a child’s developmental skill.

The pattern blocks were an easy way to invite children to explore similarities and differences between the shapes as they developed an early understanding of geometric principles. We used new vocabulary like vertices and equilateral, counted sides of figures and discussed attributes. Children worked to arrange, flip, turn, and connect shapes to complete their activity card. These were all incredible ways to practice STEM skills like critical thinking, adaptability, and communication.

Each pattern block is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. So parents, teachers, and kids can feel even better about playtime while they practice Earth saving concepts by using more sustainable materials.

Available at hand2mind