516E8kcvYNL._SL500_AA300_Kids and adults loved Rhyme Out as everyone raced to produce the three rhyming words to match the clues given. Players alternated being the Rhyme Out Reader, telling the three clues such as–“part of an egg, something fire makes, and something that makes you laugh.” The first one to shout out “yoke, smoke and joke” gets to keep the card, needing 10 cards to win. Thankfully, there are two levels of play and the easier level is plenty challenging for adults to join in with the kids. The easier yellow cards have a hint like, “rhymes with poke,” to help out the younger players. It was fun to watch people’s thinking because often they thought out loud. Once they got two of the words, it was easier to find the third, knowing the ending. Special Steal cards add to the fun, allowing players to add to their pile. Players build language and auditory memory skills while they are forced to remember the clues and think in categories (egg, fire, laugh) while searching for words that rhyme.

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