ring-learn-cash-registerIn my many years working as a speech language pathologist with preschoolers, I found that one of their favorite toys was always a cash register. They loved the interactive play with buttons, the cash drawer that popped out and the role play it inspired. VTech has brought us a wonderful cash register, enhanced with so much language learning! So let’s go shopping. Kids learn to answer questions–“What do you want to buy?”  follow directions–“Can you put some food in the basket?” and develop listening and attention skills, so essential for the classroom. Select your fish, bread, chicken or milk and weigh the bananas, apple or pear. Simple phrases associated with the scale, “Oh that feels heavy,” teach kids vocabulary in a category. Number keys on the cash register encourage learning in 2  modes, numbers and food vocabulary with associated songs and phrases that spark some chat. When you’re ready to check out, slide your credit card and open the cash drawer. With so many language learning opportunities, kids absorb conversation and vocabulary while engaging in some favorite pretend play!

Available at VTech. Click here.