Toddlers can now join family game night with their own selection, “Roll & Play” by Thinkfun. This first game designed for toddlers makes learning fun. Simply roll the stuffed plush cube, identify the color on top and match it to one of five stacks of category cards–emotions, body parts, animal sounds, counting, colors and actions. Kids and parents are soon roaring like a lion, blowing a kiss, searching for something blue, or touching their belly button. Cute cartoons illustrate the actions, as Mom or Dad read the instructions. Listening, moving and language learning abound as kids take turns, roll (and sometimes throw!) the block and follow directions. An added benefit of this toddler game is that it gives parents a fun activity with their child. So many parents of toddlers ask me for toy suggestions and activities to do with their kids. They’re not babies anymore, but can’t yet verbalize and play independently like preschoolers, so parents are often at a loss for something to play with their toddlers. Moms loved that this game had it’s own packaging–just slip the category cards into a Velcro pocket on one side of the cube and you can take it anywhere!

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