Junior scientists can get into soothing smoothing science with Mindware’s new Lab kits. Let’s just start with how Mindware includes a bit of history about it’s science projects and UNBORED kits’ topics. Here we learn that for thousands of years people believed that mineral baths ease aches and pains and healed illness.  Now it’s time for 8 year-olds and older to put on their goggles and rubber gloves to learn some chemistry, using their language skills, while making colorful salt scrubs and fizzy bath salts. Kids learn the vocabulary of chemistry using beakers and pipettes while recognizing chemical reactions. Measuring and combining Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, sea salt and lavender, children make colorful bath salts (some with fizz) and can package them for gifts.  Telling the how and why of science experiments (as well as math word problems etc) is what students are expected to do in the classroom, using reasoning, critical thinking, and drawing conclusions, all essential language skills. After all that fun learning, now they can run a warm bath and sprinkle the fizzy bath salts for some bubbles in the bath.

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