Children and adults alike relate to the opportunity for adventure with a trip to the beach. As a little girl begins to shape the sand under the watchful eye of a seagull, we watch a beautiful castle take shape. With a last look over her shoulder as she leaves the beach at sunset, she sees the tide coming in and start to overtake her handiwork. But wait–isn’t that a light in one of the windows? The beautiful illustrations take over and draw the “reader” into a magnificent nautical adventure as a family of little people take off into the ocean. Tossed out of the boat, a child is faced with an enormous fish, only to be circled by mermaids riding seahorses on the next page. Excellent wordless books have just enough tension and lack of precise storyline to force the reader to chose what direction to take his story. Was the fish dangerous or just a gentle sea creature? Did the mermaids save the boy or merely curiously come upon him? The clan continues their journey to a rock island, setting up camp and communing with the birds. The seagull leads us back across the water to the original beach where our little castle builder has returned to start anew. A great resource for parents and educators,” Sea of Dreams” teaches children to to be observant, scanning the page of a picture book to collect clues for a story. Beginning in kindergarten, kids are asked to take a “picture walk,” telling the story from the pictures before the text is read. “Sea of Dreams” extends that concept by offering the storytelling to the child.

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