Sensory bins provide bountiful learning benefits for children. The Mermaid Lagoon by Creativity for Kids is no exception. Everything you need to create a hands-on, tactile, exploration experience is all included in one bin for hours of fun and educational play.

The set includes water beads, three foam mermaids, squeaky jellyfish, scoop and adventures for diving like shells, gems, seahorses and a treasure chest. It all conveniently stores in the included bin for less mess and incredible repeat play value.

Sensory play experiences stimulate multiple senses at the same time, promoting cognitive growth, language development, and motor skills. The Mermaid Lagoon offers multiple pieces that inspire imaginative play. Mermaids went swimming, diving, and searching for jewels. They were lost in seaweed forests and clams took shelter inside the treasure chests. As children created stories, they used dialogue, new vocabulary, and beautiful sequences to describe their play.

Imaginative play, such as this, has other benefits besides improving language skills. Children are negotiating new roles, increasing social-emotional awareness and problem solving skills. They’re navigating a different world and using their previous experiences to create new ones for their characters.

Sensory play helps to promote self-regulation as they practice body awareness. Their using fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination to squeeze, scoop, and pour.

The Mermaid Lagoon sensory bin is a multi-sensory learning toy for children. They work individually or cooperatively as they build language skills, exercise creativity, practice fine motor and problem solving skills.

Available at Faber-Castell and Amazon