imgres-7Open the box of Crayola’s new Shadow FX Color Projector and the contents look simple–a clear drawing panel with gel FX markers, a shadow shapes sheet of props like an astronaut, alien and a lightning rod and the colored light projector. Add a child’s creativity and the light show stories are limitless. My little friends couldn’t wait to draw aliens, space ships, trees and suns on the clear panel, stand it up, dim the lights and switch on the LED light show. The illustrated panel sets the scene for an ever-changing story as kids used the shadow shape cut outs provided, made their own or brought in toys and objects to animate the shadow and light show. There’s excitement when you turn out the lights, and add your own story projected onto the wall by red, green and blue moveable LED light pods, changing angles and effects on your big pretend screen while choosing the characters and providing the action. All the essential pieces of a story were integrated with the setting, characters, solving a problem and the action plan–while kids were enthralled with the medium in which it was presented. Now dim the lights and bring on the language learning and fun!

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