Our kids love all things Crayola! And creativity begins with basics with their crayons, colored pencils, and broad line and fine markers. Kids love the added benefit of scented coloring tools for a fun sensory experience when they’re creating. But now…. Silly Scents Smash Ups are a colorful treat for eyes and noses, as 2 scents are blended in each color.

Each pack of Silly Scents Smash Ups includes 10 or more delightful scents that spark even more imagination for creation. Our artists were inspired by different smells to create something new. First, by guessing the smell and then matching it to the color palette on the box.

Smash up scents are delicious! Chocolate covered strawberry and strawberry banana milkshake were favorites in the red hues. Mint lime tea and root beer float inspired artists to create a “drink shop” and tell a narrative describing their photo. It also sent them into a smelling and coloring frenzy.

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