9k=Sleepy time, bed time is such a magical, cozy, glowing, yawning time and this author and illustrator have beautifully captured the experience. As a speech-language pathologist, I am always looking for picture books packed with descriptive vocabulary that lifts the language level we feed to our kids through picture books. “Sleepytime Me” stands out as it begins, “Splashy sunset paints the sky. Shy moon tiptoes, climbs up high. Daylight’s fading. Stars grow bright. Darkness glowing. Velvet night.” “Velvet night” could be the opener for a creative writing assignment in early elementary grades. What does a velvet night mean or look like? All these word pictures paired with Denise’s dark but warm with filtered lighted illustrations make for an excellent read for kids and adults. Rich imagery, abstract language and word pictures are abundant for great conversations with kids. How does nighttime gather? A splashy sunset paint the sky? A shy moon tiptoe, climb up high? I find myself feeling the cuddles, kisses and yawns by the end as the little boy is finally tucked into bed.

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