The Slide-to-Read ABC Flash Cards by LeapFrog are a fun way to build confidence for learning and reading and hone in on basic phonological awareness skills. It reinforces letter and sound correspondence, following directions, and boosts a love for reading and literacy.

Phonological awareness is the ability to recognize and manipulate sounds in spoken language and is a crucial precursor to reading. The Slide-to-Read ABC Flash Cards make phonological awareness engaging and interactive. By identifying letters and reinforcing those sounds, children develop their ability to hear and distinguish sounds, laying a solid foundation for fluent reading and spelling later on.

Matching letters with their corresponding sounds is a fundamental skill in early literacy. LeapFrog’s Flash Cards provide a hands-on approach to learning these associations. Children see and hear the letter sounds but also physically engage with them by touching or sliding their finger along the cards to read along. This multisensory experience reinforces letter-sound relationships and word recognition for high frequency words, making it easier for young learners to grasp the early concepts of reading.

The console includes 3 double sided flash cards that conveniently store in the back and 3 different modes of learning: (1) letters and words, where exploration of words that begin with the target letter are reinforced, (2) find it, where children follow directions and engage in a search-and-find activity, and last (3) music, where melodies and sound effects take center stage.

The Slide-to-Read ABC Flash Cards by LeapFrog are a great educational tool for phonological awareness skills, teaching letter and sound correspondence, improving following directions, and boosting confidence in reading and literacy. These flashcards empower early readers with the skills they need to start a successful reading journey.

Available at LeapFrog, Target, and Kohl’s