We’ve all had our fun with a kaleidoscope and awed at the captivating patterns that it creates. SimplyFun’s SlideAscope is a game that challenges players to solve puzzles through spatial reasoning and predictive thinking to match patterns, create a stunning gameboard and collect tiles to win.

SlideAScope can be played by a single player, or up to 5 players at a time. Each person takes turns visualizing and manipulating tiles to match the tiles on the gameboard to gain the most points. 

As tiles are matched and collected, the remaining row slides down, moving the playing field and allowing for flexible and predictive thinking. The center of each tile is numbered 1-4 for scoring at the end of the game, which allowed for math solving with multiplication and addition to determine our winner. 

SlideAscope sharpens players’ spatial awareness as they strategize how to manipulate their tiles to best match the pattern and earn the most points. With each move, players must consider the spatial relationships between the slides and the moving playing field, honing their ability to visualize and manipulate objects.

Every gameplay in SlideAscope presents a unique challenge, as 40 tiles are randomly placed to create the play area, which makes game play different every time. This requires players to analyze the playing field and plan their moves thoughtfully. Players must evaluate different strategies and adapt to receive the optimal number of points. Through trial and error, players develop essential critical thinking skills that are applicable in various real-life scenarios.

SlideAscope encourages predictive thinking as players anticipate the outcomes of their moves. They learn to strategize effectively while using spatial awareness and critical thinking. This fosters cognitive flexibility and helps players become more adept at planning and problem-solving.

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