Move over summer workbook. Smart Sparks Brainy Puzzle Games are here to keep learning fresh, fun, and challenging. Each set includes 50 puzzles that were created by teachers to practice logical reasoning, visual-spatial skills and other academic skills.

Open up your Smart Sparks case and you’ll find puzzle cards, over 100 magnets that work as manipulatives when solving puzzles, a writing screen and dry erase marker. Place your puzzle card on the inside cover of your Smart Sparks case and start solving using your tools.

Kids use different skills with each puzzle. Tangram shape magnets are great for practicing visual-spatial skills as kids move pieces around to fit the design. There are analogies for improving vocabulary and understanding word relationships. Logical reasoning puzzles help exercise flexible thinking and problem solving. For instance, our 8 year old Smart Sparks fan had fun reading clues to unscramble letters for a target word.

“Using two A’s, two L’s , and one M, find the word: ____  ____   ____   ____   ____

  • Clue 1: The M touches both vowels.
  • Clue 2: Neither L its on the right side

Each puzzle works the brain in a fun, non-screen way. It’s an entertaining change of pace from the more traditional summer workbook. Oh, the answer to the puzzle above? LLAMA!

Available at MindWare