Open up the game board to reveal a “Kids Only” tree fort with a pirate’s sail, telescope, castle window and tire swing to engage kids with a game of hide and seek. The woodland animals–Rosie Rabbit, Rita Raccoon, and Felix Fox to name a few are hiding in the tree house. Kids work collaboratively to reveal the animals through a match game before Mr. Prickles, the hedgehog goes up the ladder to tell them to go home. Place the seven dough smooshers, which each contain an imprint of a woodland animal, on the circles of the house. On your turn, draw a token of an animal, choose a smoosher to press into dough and see if you have a match. If so, place the animal token face up on the spaces in the grass. If not, turn the smoosher over, but remember its location for another turn to try to get a match. This was one of the most innovative games I saw at the Toy Fair this year, combining memory, fine and gross motor, and language skills while having fun as a team.

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