x8ed288_01Kids love the opportunity to be sneaky, but need a little help at 3. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that their favorite spot on the spinner is the little squirrel thief in his mask allowing them to steal an acorn from an opponent! Grab a log with colored holes corresponding to the five colored caps on the acorns strewn in the middle of the box. The clever packaging shaped like a tree turns into the foliage for the acorns. Kids take turns spinning to see if they can pick up an acorn of a certain color, one or two acorns, miss a turn, toss all the acorns back in the tree-box or “steal” one from a neighbor. Children learn the sequence of the game–spin, follow the directions and then pick up your acorns with the Squirrel Squeezer. “I have steal,” declared a 4 year-old, delighted that she could take one of my acorns. After a while she verbalized, “I don’t want to steal you,” and changed the rules a little in my favor! Lots of language is practiced as kids comment on their choices, “I already have purple.” Some offered their extras to me rather than put them back in the box. Kids had to think strategically when given the option to select or steal any color. This beginner game gets kids ready for the big time, learning language along the way!

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