Watch out because when this doggy gets one too many showers he is going to start shaking and guess who gets wet? Players move around the board and take turns showering this adorable pup. Roll the dice and move to the matching colored space and follow the directions–pump the paw print on the shower to clean your puppy, or rotate the number of turns on the bone dial and wait for the splishy splashy surprise! Players whooped in excitement when the doggie shook water all around, even if it meant that player returned to the start. The first player around the board wins.  Kids practice matching colors, counting, and following directions as they also build social language skills through game play. This game is fun for the whole family and lets little ones feel like they can participate in family game night too. The crazy surprise of a wet shaking dog never got old and brought out giggles for all ages.

Available at Spin Master. Click here