Sequencing is a valuable language skill for children to learn so they can break down events into logical steps, and place them in order to recall past experiences as well as logically formulate their own stories about events. The new SPARKS cards is a fun, comprehensive set of 8 themed sequencing stories that take a child through familiar events such as going to the library or planting flowers to a trip to the beach or setting the table. Kids follow the theme through six picture cards with plenty of detail to encourage problem solving and interpretation. Developed by a speech language pathologist, each theme card has many excellent sample questions to encourage language skills such as predicting, analyzing, answering questions, and reasoning which can be used to build grammar, concepts, vocabulary or social skills. The questions can be simple picture identification, “How many pieces are in the puzzle?” to more in-depth identification of feelings, “What is the girl’s problem? How does she feel?” or inference “Why do beaches need lifeguards?”  This set can be used with a range of children and adapted to their age and skill level, even by reducing the number of cards in a story. A speech language pathologist used the new SPARK Cards with her students and enthusiastically reported, “I LOVE these! I can never get enough of them.” Her students loved pointing out all the little details like state license plates and she found she could spend an entire session on one set of cards “because of all the language you can elicit.” That’s quite an endorsement!

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