You have to think fast to be the speediest bee in the round as players answer challenges from the stack of 50 cards with 3 brain teasers each. Roll a certain number of letter die to know what letter to start your word or include or exclude in your answer. “Name something you could find in a forest containing this letter (throw the die of your choice).” After rolling an “M”, we could yell out “moss,” “moose,” or “mice!” The player who yells out the answer first gets to keep the card and read the next challenge. The object of the game is to collect the most cards. Speedeebee is a great language learning game as players need to come up with a name within a category such as cartoon characters, camping equipment, or something shorter than an inch and then apply their spelling skills to use the specified letter or letters to include in their word. Players loved this game and of course parents did too, as the little round cards and dice fit nicely into a tin for transporting just about anywhere.

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