Splat was enjoying the perfect dream as candy fish swam by when mom interrupted his sleep, declaring it was time to get up. And oh, by the way, his arch enemy, Spike was coming over for a playdate after school. Splat’s day began to unravel as was ordered to take a bath, was taunted by Spike and learned of impending swimming lessons at school. As the class lined up to jump in the pool, two classmates couldn’t quite get up the nerve to enter–Spike and Splat. Soon their fear of the water united them and friendship was born. This latest addition to the Splat series offers teachers and parents the opportunity to tackle such subjects as bullying, facing your fears, sharing, getting along and building friendships. Each subject is a little language lesson in itself, asking a child to relate their world to Splat’s as he navigates his “not a good day at all!”