Warm up your voice, but better yet, get some songs in your head to get ready to play Spontuneous. A group or party game, Spontuneous challenges players to come up with a 5 word stanza from a song. Each player or team prepared their “Trigger Word List” which are words that trigger a song like “love,” “baby,” “call,” “bridge,” or “lost.” When it is your turn to be the Tunesmith, call out one of your words and turn over the timer. Players race to be the first one to start singing a stanza from a song, including your word. After a successful retrieval of a tune, throw the dice and advance on the treble clef board. Special spots have players drawing a Spontuneous Card which instructs them to perform (whistle Yankee Doodle or sing a jingle) or advance or go back because your “band broke up” or “you’re headed to Nashville.” Music and language are so interconnected. This game requires players to use their language association skills–what goes with baby? what can be lost? A bridge “goes over” something–oh yes, over troubled water! Lots of connections are made as players try to retrieve songs with the trigger word. It’s fun to see the variety of songs that players come up with. Certainly my 9 year-old player knew many more Justin Bieber songs than I did! This would be a great game for seniors too, to keep their language skills sharp.

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