spotitolaf_sideKids can’t get enough of Olaf (me too!) so let’s see if we can make some matches and learn along the way. Some kids don’t even need instructions as they have played other versions of Blue Orange’s popular fun in a can. Kids identify numbers 1-9, beginning shapes, and familiar images from Olaf’s favorite parts of summer–sunglasses, beach ball, bucket, shell and even sunscreen. Be the first player to spot the match between 2 cards in the 3 versions of the game suggested. I like the advanced play options of further number and shape challenges–count backwards from the number to zero, or forward to 10, or find an object that contains your shape such as window (rectangle) or teepee (triangle). Lots of chat ensues as kids excitedly try to call our their matches first. When the game is over, just pop the circular cards in the can and take it along this summer for some fun.

Available at Blue Orange Games.