Bumpas are back with two new tie-dye friends, Sprinx and Shloof! These pals have their own personalties and offer amazing benefits of weighted plush toys. They bring comfort and regulation to kids, fostering emotional well-being and also encourage imaginative play, making them great companions.

Sprinx is tie-dye pink with hints of blue, yellow, and purple. She embraces change and shows friends that change can be exciting — even when transitions feel tricky. Shloof is blue with a mix of yellow and green and a total observer. He practices patience and vigilantly watches his environment.

Each Bumpas friend is 3 pounds and its weighted design offers a range of benefits for kids. The gentle pressure (or “hug”) promotes a sense of calm relaxation and regulation. Whether it’s chill time, sleep time, or moments of big feelings, Bumpas offers a comforting embrace that helps children feel secure and grounded. The subtle weight distribution in the arms aids in sensory regulation, helping children maintain focus and attention, supporting overall emotional and behavioral well-being.

In addition to their soothing hugs, Sprinx and Shloof serve as catalysts for imaginative play and storytelling. These friends become characters in an imaginative world, sparking creative adventures and endless possibilities. No matter their journey, children develop important cognitive and social skills through pretend play. They learn language and conversation, negotiate roles, and navigate social interactions, all while engaging their imagination and creativity.

From providing soothing comfort and sensory regulation to fostering imaginative play and storytelling, Bumpas are the perfect companions for language, emotional and cognitive development.

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