A lot of learning is packed into Plan Toys’ new Stacking Bear.  In place of a traditional stacking toy with rings on a rod, this bear is supported by colored disks interlocked with four wooden shapes–circle, square, triangle and oval–that fit into the corresponding cut-out shape on the disk above and below it. Youngest players can simply stack the disks, enjoying the clanking sound of Plan Toy’s newest eco-friendly composite material made from sawdust in their factory. Next developmentally, kids can set out the four disks and view them as mini puzzles as they identify, name and place the shapes into the matching grooves in the disks. Lots of vocabulary is learned as pieces are placed in, on, under, on top and bottom, look the same or different and “match.”  The next challenge is to build the bear, matching both cutouts on each side of the disk with the proper wooden shape to build the stand-up bear, topping him off with a cute face.  Designed with a little wobble, this bear is apparently just as much fun to knock down, “Me crash him!” as kids delighted in starting all over again.

Available at Plan Toys:  Click here