Are you ready for a quick draw, and guess game? Each team races to draw a random figure from the categories of History/Politics, Athlete, Pop Culture, Fiction or Actor/Actress. Teammates have 30 seconds to guess. We has such fun recognizing Aaron Rodgers (Athlete) with the “G” on his helmet and number 12 on his jersey as well as Micky Mouse (Fiction) with the big ears, feet and M on his shirt! Drawers have to think of the best details associated with their character to facilitate correct guessing. George Washington could be cutting down the cherry tree and Pinocchio would have a very long nose. There is lots of chatter as players defend their drawings and explain what they have represented. “Stick Figure it Out” taps language skills as players must process the most specific features to represent their figure, reaching back in history and fiction or recent pop culture. The suggested age is on the young side–6 years and up–so parents will have to pre-select category cards that a younger child would know. That being said, this would be a fun family game with some adjustment or a perfect party game for older kids and adults.

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