Join together in the land of Storia to create an adventure story based on characters, objects and of course the three gold coins. Tell your tale before the inkwell dries up and have a group win. Start by selecting your character from the cards and placing it on a stand that moves across the board of story stops which each have a pile of 3 illustrated cards. The storyteller begins by introducing his character, giving a name, characteristics, the specifics of the journey and a happy ending. Next, he moves his character to the first story stop and reveals the 3 pictures (such as wishing well, magic carpet and dark forest). The group decides how the story should move forward and a new storyteller takes over. Story Booster dice are on each story stop to add detail to the story like weather, emotions, colors, numbers or tools. At each story stop the the storyteller uses the gold coins to guess how the players will advance the story. He is rewarded for guessing their selection. Kids really got into the story telling, selecting a wolf, unicorn and a red dragon for their main character. The red dragon couldn’t breathe fire and the wolf was lost in the forest as they began the tale. Throughout the stories a knight drew his sword, the wolf played a magic harp for dinner to appear, and a unicorn found a giant crystal that gave him power. Kids even started using different voices for the characters in their stories! Stories of the Three Coins is an amazingly fun game that sparks creativity, and imagination as kids develop their collaborative stories while building language skills. My friend said, “Can we play it again? I always want to play that game!”