Start your story-telling engines and get ready for a creative ride. Each player takes a Story Speller board with eight different colored spaces to fill with color-matching element cards representing friends and foes, places, treasures, objects and obstacles, vehicles and actions. The thoughtful order of element cards encourages a sequence beginning with the setting, and taking a character through action, overcoming an obstacle and resolving the story with a friend or foe. Choose a hero or heroine card to star in your adventure, add your imagination, and take turns telling your stories. It is evident that the inventor of this game is a seasoned educator, because of the basic structure of the Story Speller board as well as the invaluable tips in the instructions for extending your game to a writing experience, tuning your plot with themes, using basic story parts such as beginning, conflict, climax and resolution of the conflict and adding interest with dramatic phrases, surprises or gestures. “Story Speller” is great fun for kids and adults to spin a story or an invaluable learning tool for teachers and therapists.