VTech’s Storytime with Sunny is the personality packed friend that does it all. She tells stories, jokes, sings songs, plays games, guides children through everyday routines and is a clock and alarm all-in-one. Sunny brightly supports crucial aspects of language development, such as storytelling, vocabulary expansion and auditory comprehension.

A key component of language development is the ability to understand and create narratives, or stories. Storytelling skills are vital for a child’s cognitive and linguistic development. Sunny engages children in interactive storytelling sessions where they listen to stories, participate in the narrative, and even create their own stories. This dynamic interaction helps them understand the structure of stories, including characters, settings, problems, and resolutions.

Four different activity disks allow children to choose their play. (1) Stories and Songs is for listening (and laughing) with fun fairy tales, folk talks, and classic songs. (2) Silly Games  engages children in creativity and critical thinking by solving riddles and creating their own poems. (3) You & I encourages pretend play, conversational skills, teaches kids fun facts, and tells jokes. Lastly, (4) My Great Day is all about practicing daily routines and healthy habits to reinforce manners, positive affirmations, and sequencing routines at morning and bedtime.

Storytime with Sunny introduces new words and phrases during the storytelling sessions and beyond. This exposure to a variety of words enriches a child’s vocabulary and enhances their language skills. Sunny also supports listening skills as kids interact and follow directions, which is essential for academic success and daily life. Children must process complete sentences and understand varying sentence structure which hones in on both understanding and using more complex language.

Sunny is the perfect companion for entertaining and educating children through the power of stories. It’s a great for a variety of ages and skill levels, encourages imagination and promotes key skills to academic success such as narrative development and auditory comprehension.

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