Suspicion wonder ForgePass out the invitations to the masquerade party at the estate of art collector Baron Whitetooth, and the game of suspicion, secret identities, theft and deductive reasoning begins. Race to expose the jewel thieves, other than yourself, by selectively playing action cards to collect information and rule out characters. My gang of 4 said, “You’re trying to crack 3 codes at the same time!” Roll the dice to position guests throughout the house and play your “action card’ to win gems, reveal information about your identity, or get information on another player’s guest. Our favorite was “Can your guest see the guest shown on this card?” which meant, is your guest on the horizontal or vertical line passing through the other guest’s position? Strategy came into play as players chose which action card to perform, gleaning the most meaningful information to cross out guests that didn’t match the information. One player said, “It’s like Guess Who? One mess up ruins the whole thing!” That’s when I thought I had identified a guest, only to see I had made a mistake. “You just got your head mixed up!” Players win based on scores for gems collected and guests identified. Kids loved the game and didn’t realize they were exercising language skills of reasoning and deduction as well as memory as they had to translate who “didn’t” comply with an action or who “did.”