VTech’s Switch & Go line just unhatched some new creatures. It’s a build-your-own dinosaur that roars, growls, and then transforms into a racing car with a revving engine! Kids were immediately drawn to the package and pressed the exposed button on top, which made a hatching and roaring sound.

“Uh oh…. I think I just woke something up!” and their story began….

With 4 different dinosaurs to choose from: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops, and Pterodactyl, every dinosaur fan will swoon! Inside each golden egg are parts to create your transforming dinosaur with easy-to-follow picture directions in 10 steps (no reading required). With a few snap-in parts, this dinosaur was ready to go. And in two swift moves — it transformed into a racer.

Kids loved this multilevel play where the transformation became apart of their story. Cars raced and it became their secret weapon to get to places fast.  As their story setting changed, so did their Switch & Go creatures. Dinosaurs searched for food, protected their land, and concealed themselves as racers when necessary. We highly recommend more than one Hatch & Roaar Egg because the play became even more layered and fun!

The Hatch & Go Eggs from VTech are a must have for dinosaur lovers and builders. They’re the perfect birthday gift or addition to an Easter basket this year.

Available at VTech and Amazon.