T.A.P.E.S is a must have game for back-to-school, after school, and family game night. There’s minimal set-up, clean-up, and all it takes is to measure-up!

Players take turns selecting objects around the room: the chair, the refrigerator, countertop, etc. They spin the wacky wheel to determine which bizarre dimension they’ll be measuring in. How tall is the coffee pot in quarters? How many bananas long is the TV? Once everyone has made their guess, the exact measurement is taken to determine the winner of the round.

This game is 100% self-storing (makes it great for on-the-go too!). It includes a utility box that doubles as a spinning wheel and clipboard. Inside the box are 4 double-sided measuring tapes, score pad, scrap paper pad, and pencils.

Why We Love It!

With 16 wacky ways to measure, this game is so entertaining for kids. They’re using estimation skills, as well as logic and reasoning. Math and measurement vocabulary was frequent as players discussed which parameter was in play: length, height, depth, width, and in some cases circumference!

The cooperative play component and teamwork when using the measuring tapes was brilliant. Kids took turns holding an end, announcing the exact measurement, and adding together for larger objects.

T.A.P.E.S. (Turn-based Approximate Proportion Estimation Showdown) is an awesome game where “size matters and guesstimates rule.” It’s a lively learning game where kids practice spatial awareness and prediction, master math-measurement vocabulary, and work cooperatively while having fun.

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