tapple_3dbt_webKids loved this fast-paced word-game of beat the timer as you name an item within a category by its first letter. Players have 10 seconds to shout out their answer among the letters available, and then re-start the timer and pass it on to the next person. The Tapple wheel (Touch Activated Press and Play Letter Eliminator) makes the game lively as players quickly depress the letter that begins their word–England, Honduras, or Iceland for “countries” or Farmer, Horse, Eggs and Hay for “on the farm.” Categories in two levels of difficulty range from reptiles and amphibians, something wet, or historical figures to heroes, something tall, and actresses. Some categories are more general and allow players to branch out in their offerings for something “tall,” “cold,” or “hot” as opposed to “retail stores,” or “villains.” The last  player remaining in a round collects the category card to gain 3 cards to win the game. Players have to think creatively in word categories so “something round” can be a wheel, the sun or a pie, and then brainstorm according to beginning letter sounds. This language building game is a favorite for parents as the timer is integrated into the device and the category cards are stored under the Tapple wheel so your fun is even portable.

Available at USAopoly: Click here