Get ready, shoppers! MindWare’s Teach and Talk Cash Register is central to pretend play in a store. Our toy testers were elated to take turns and role play being a cashier and shopper.

The double sided cash register allows for a more “realistic” pretend play set up. As one friend scanned items using the scanner or buttons to add up items, the other carefully watched the number totals on the display screen. Customers can choose if they want to pay by cash or card. Credit card payments are swiped on the customer side and then they’re prompted to enter a pin and use the pen to sign.

The store and shopping pretend play scenario was excellent for encouraging children to express their ideas in a relaxed environment. They practiced social skills like greetings and courtesy. “Hello, welcome to my grocery store” and my favorite “Did you find everything you were looking for?” (which may have been a direct line overheard from the many Trader Joe’s trips we’ve had!).

Role playing encourages language and use of novel vocabulary. It allows children to act out and make sense of real-life situations. The unique Teach and Talk Cash Register mimicked exactly that. Shoppers loved paying by credit card and getting an opportunity to enter a pin number and sign on the pin pad. This was also great for practicing fine motor skills.

More learning (disguised as play!) was in the money exchange process. Children practiced early math skills, like addition and subtraction, and understanding that money has value. The role playing allowed children to take turns and comprehend different perspectives.

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