e4307a-teepee-tent-red-with-child.jpgKids love a cozy hideaway to call their own and Hape’s new Teepee Tent is just that!  Connect the stable wooden poles and slip on the cover to quickly start the pretend play. Kids transform their very own “home” with pretend food, cooking items, books, toys, or a blankie, depending on the direction of the play. I have been served many bowls of soup, ice cream and eggs as kids go in and out of their tent space. The flapped opening can be shut with velcro tabs or tied back for some fresh air. Usually the privacy option is more popular! The open window provides an opportunity to communicate, pass new items in and out of the tent or roll down the shade for some time alone. I had one mother tell me that she considered a play tent in the playroom a gift to her because it entertained the kids so long that she got a break. Try setting out a few different props and see where it leads your child in creating his own story line whether about settlers, cooking, sleeping or playing school. I always suggest to parents that they put a few books and comfy pillow in the tent to encourage reading too, in a personalized special spot. Language skills thrive when kids are being the authors of their own story in pretend play. This tent provides a great jumping off point for story telling and dialogue with friends as they build their little world around and in the teepee.

Available at Hape. Click here