Your creative kids can take writing and drawing on the go with the TekFun NanoDoodle. This handheld drawing tablet has awesome possibilities for developing language and vocabulary, fine motor skills and lots of inspiration for storytelling.

With the ability to draw, doodle, and write freely on the tablet’s surface, children are empowered to express themselves creatively. The stylus provided with the tablet encourages children to practice their pencil grip, which is essential for developing the muscles and coordination needed for writing.

We loved using the tablet for an on-the-go game of “Pictionary,” where kids took turns drawing an object in a category. For example, our category of “winter” yielded drawings of hot cocoa, sledding, a snowman, and mittens. With the press of the button, it was the next artist’s turn and the [competitive] fun kept going.

Our preschool toy tester was content tracing letters and “illustrating” a familiar story while describing her drawings. She practiced various language concepts such as letter recognition, phonics, vocabulary, and use of sentence structure, all while playing with TekFun NanoDoodle.

It’s available in three colors (green, blue, pink) and is perfect for ages 3 and up. Attaching the NanoDoodle to a backpack would make a great activity for travel on bus rides or car rides. It’s a valuable tool for promoting fine motor and language development in children, through writing, drawing, and initiating storytelling.

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