Another Blue Orange tin of fun has arrived to encourage kids to weave their first fairy tales. 60 double sided cards have simple images to start a child’s imagination and spin a tale about knights,  pirates, fairies or lepricans. What makes this pack of characters, scenes and objects work is that there is enough depth to the many themes suggested to get a story going with some twists and turns–a pirate has a ship, parrot, map and treasure, a knight has a sword, castle, stagecoach, fiery dragon or queen’s ball, while a genie has a pot, magic carpet and potions. There are also enough pictures to suggest traditional fairy tales like a beanstalk, sleeping princess, and candy house and a witch. My little testers used the cards in several ways–lining up selected pictures to tell their story, adding on a picture and taking turns with fellow players and one little girl chose a pirate, placing it in the middle as she put pictures around him telling what happened to the pirate. From first story telling to learning the form of beginning, middle and end or selecting a character, having a problem and overcoming it, children can hone their language skills to become successful story tellers and writers.

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