imgres-5It’s time to tap your creativity, imagination, problem solving and marketing skills as you grab your “Extraordinaires Design Studio” and try your hand at product design. Kids felt very special as they opened the sleek case, chose their client–one of the 15 Extraordinaire characters and objects they wanted. Should I accept the assignment of designing for a robot, ninja, fairy or giant? Our friend chose a ninja first but what does he need? A gift, something to play with or something to hold a drink? With 225 design challenges across 3 levels, designers have plenty to choose from. Next move on to research and design. Careful study of the 3-4 illustrations on the character card yields valuable input about their world and specific needs. Our friend observed that his ninja uses his hands to crawl, slink and climb ropes so his drink carrier must be hands free. Kids felt very official drawing with the thin pen on the idea pad, while labeling their character, object, designer, date and name of their invention. Flip over a research, design, or improve Think card if stumped to drive more ideas–”How will it be powered?” or “Can you make it more automatic?” Finally, present your new product to your boss, oops! I mean other players or upload it to the Extraordinaires website gallery. From start to finish, this unique game taps so many language skills from problem solving and critical thinking, to oral presentation skills as our new inventors present and “sell” their process, ideas and final product.

Available at The Creativity Hub: Click here