The Great Big Book of Really Hard Puzzles from Highlights is a brain-teasing masterpiece that has something for everyone. Mazes, crosswords, word searches, hidden pictures, and logic puzzles, this great big book will keep kids learning and engaged. It captivates but also enhances cognitive abilities, making it an invaluable resource for parents and kids.

We love all things Highlights. Kids are practicing attention and concentration skills to complete a task, problem solving puzzles that demand flexible thinking and logic, all while having fun. The feeling of finishing a challenging puzzle fosters mindfulness and trains the brain to concentrate on a single task, which translates into improved concentration in daily life.

Logic and reasoning are the backbone of problem-solving abilities. The Great Big Book of Really Hard Puzzles elevates these skills by presenting a diverse array of puzzles, each uniquely designed to stimulate different aspects of logical thinking. The book employs language to foster learning. From following directions to solving word puzzles, crosswords, and riddles, Highlights engages children with vibrant words and pictures that expand vocabulary and encourage thinking as they manipulate letters to unlock puzzles. These linguistic challenges are both entertaining and a way of enhancing language skills.

The book’s commitment to presenting “really hard” puzzles serves as an invitation to readers to embrace challenges. Accepting and completing challenges brought a true sense of pride and accomplishment to our puzzlers. The process fostered perseverance and a growth mindset, teaching that obstacles can be conquered with dedication and strategic thinking.

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