L_aAMCv0ITWGRfyz383vjVOnfs2D5KXCGTOJDy7wfUA,s3WlRlSrAjctqgddR4zW1onwnKJcnFCxdPI3DaSTpkI“Got a story about us? Now is the time to tell, says the raccoon.” Tiggly Stamp with Tiggly Shapes is all about assembling fun scenes that lead up to creating a story. Kids are completely engaged in this game combining traditional and digital play. Begin by choosing an autumn or winter scene and start stamping. Listen to the vocabulary as kids tap one of the 4 molded colored shapes–triangle, circle, square or star–and see a corresponding animal or object matching that shape. The language lesson is in the narration, naming a bee with a cute face, string of lights, reindeer or fox made from the triangle, girl, penguin, bear or snowman with the circle, fireplace, train or shovel with the square or chipmunk, cookie or snowflake with the star, to name a few. As kids set up their scene, and moved their pictures around, the cat purred, “I want a pear,” or the fox said, “I can use some pants, don’t you think?” Characters make new comments as you move them around the scene, “That’s a delicious apple, I’m stuffed.” Kids hear the animals and objects named and used in a sentence. When a player is satisfied with his picture, he can choose the movie or camera option to snap a picture or record his story, moving the stamps as he tells it. Producing the movie was a favorite option as kids exclaimed, “I’m ready for my story!” and “Let’s do it again!” Listening and learning early vocabulary words, formulating relevant sentences and questions, following directions and creating a storyline all build language skills through fun play that support later emergent reading.

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