Push, slide, spin and flip! LeapFrog’s Touch & Learn Wooden Activity Cube is the perfect educational toy that captivates toddlers and promotes learning. With so many ways to play, each enriching activity is designed to stimulate minds and encourage language and connection.

With 5 interactive sides, we love each of the different play patterns. Tots can discover shapes, colors, musical styles and animals while playing alongside a caregiver. The bead maze and shape sorter enhance fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as children match different shapes to the corresponding holes and move beads along the path. It lays the foundation for more complex problem-solving skills later in life.

The songs and melodies were a hit with our baby toy tester, evidenced by his adorable shimmy and shake. These catchy songs make learning fun and also can help with new word learning as a caregiver sings too. Songs provide excellent repetition and musicality that makes language learning salient.

An added feature of the Touch & Learn Wooden Activity Cube™ is the detachable pretend phone. This was perfect for introducing imaginative play, allowing children to explore new roles in new situations, increasing engagement with this toy. Pretend play is essential for developing social-emotional skills and nurturing creativity and empathy in young minds.

The value of the LeapFrog Touch & Learn Wooden Activity Cube™ extends far beyond its tangible components. It fosters cognitive development, refines motor skills, and cultivates a love for learning from an early age. The wooden construction is made from 100% FSC certified wood, ensuring durability, and making is sustainably sourced.

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