treasuretrax_3dbt_webPreschoolers perked up when I told them to hide their eyes while I distributed “the treasure” for a hunt around the house. A kid-sized little purple pouch holds location, animal and clue (letters/numbers) cards to hide and seek. Kids raced from the stairs to a hose, sofa and mailbox to collect all 5 animals in their little pouch. Location cards lead kids to a search clue to look for an object of a certain color or starting with a specific letter. Next stop is a hidden animal near that object with the next location clue and on it goes! Our little friend had no trouble finding her “giraffe” next to the “yellow” bananas as she quickly picked up her next clue to find “sneakers” and look near an “s” word which was her favorite sticker book. The chunky, cardboard clue cards have bright, simple illustrations perfect for preschoolers to grab and go. Kids race through the fun, reinforcing their letter recognition, sound-letter association, and building vocabulary and color concepts. Bring on the fun and the learning!

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