Challenge your friends to Ultra Power Battle Game by Expand Your Mind. This entertaining game of chance gets kids excited and practicing math with the hidden learning involved!

The set includes 2 snap bracelet battle bands and 12 tokens (additional tokens available for purchase- kids love to collect them). Each player gets 6 tokens to use during the battle. Place your token on the band launcher to flip and who ever flips the higher number wins! The loser of the round deducts their token value from the “lightening dial” on their wristband. The object is to get your opponent(s) to zero!

Token values are between 1 and 5, which included simple subtraction during gameplay. Even our preschool players (3 and 4 year olds) loved observing and calling out “greater than” and “less than” when numbers were flipped. When playing with 3+ players, it was fun to compare quantities values. For example, “Will has 2 less than Jay, and Jay has 1 less than Nick.”

As players became accustomed to flipping the tokens on their launcher, they practiced fine motor skills by strengthening those small muscles in their fingers too. This simple, but fun game, encouraged quick mental math and greater than/less than mastery. It’s great for mixed ages. Ultra Power Battle Game also worked to settle a few sibling disputes in my house – “Whoever flips the higher number picks the movie for tonight.”

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