Step right up to stage your very own carnival, complete with tickets, hand stamp, megaphone, games, and game ideas, squirt guns, banner and ring toss to name a few. Creativity abounds as kids plan their carnival, choose a place, set up the ticket box, assign a “barker,” set up the Ring and Bean Bag Toss, Squirt Gun Aim, and the Water Blasting Cup Race. The Ticket Box and money were a real attraction as kids collected money and handed out the tickets, enacting a real life carnival.  Some kids are assigned snacks with recipes to make savory or sweet popcorn. There is plenty of room for kids to invent additional games and treats. Decide on the prizes for games, using the prize money provided or purchasing small rewards for a prize table. This box of creative fun provides much of what is needed for a successful kid-run carnival but also gives ideas for further activities to enhance the experience. Kids build language skills as they think critically, plan, assign social roles, advertise the carnival’s attractions and persuade participants to get involved in games and win prizes. Putting on a carnival is a wonderful way for children to learn to work together, collaborating on games, snacks and prize ideas and carrying out their individual roles. What a fun way to spend the day and bring joy to the neighborhood!

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