When kids open up the Time Capsule, they are so excited to put their my message in a box! Kids can make history with their own field guide, collecting meaningful artifacts that reflect who they are–local beach sand, rubber bracelet, pressed flower or tiny toy–and storing them in plastic tubes, envelopes, coin holder bags or glassine envelopes. Label samples with what’s inside, who collected it and why. Collect photos that reflect your time in history–cars, hairstyles, activities–from your photos or magazines and websites. Then assemble your scrapbook with baseball tickets, birthday cards, maps, brochures or vacation spots etc. and include your own creations, poems, drawings and writings. Use the capsule questionnaire to interview family members about their favorites and predictions for the future. As a speech language pathologist, I appreciate the “Pro interviewing tips,” to give interview subjects plenty of time to respond, listen, get lots of details and don’t rush. Finally, chart your social network, placing pictures of friends and family on the grid, showing social connections. There are so many language lessons in this Time Capsule! Telling why you collected your artifacts, thinking critically about what items to choose that will give the most information, plotting social connections, interviewing for pertinent details, predicting the future and writing messages in the scrapbook. Now it’s time to seal up the Time Capsule, stash it away and wait for the future.

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